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​Dog Whispering Sessions

​My goal is to coach dog owners to approach their dog as a calm and confident leader so they may lead their dog into a calm and submissive state. 

​​Sessions begin with a short talk about dog psychology. I clarify that even though dogs are like human children in ways, they have different emotional needs and explain the importance of exercise, discipline, and affection.  

​After the talk, I watch how my client approaches their dog and manages the outside walk. ​I also demonstrate basic boundary work such as waiting at the door, not jumping onto people until invited,and walking calmly on a leash. Then I coach my client, and other family members, how to do what I demonstrated.

​After the walk, we might work on another ​​issue such as food aggression or crate anxiety or dominating other pets in the house. 

After the working part of the session, I suggest a plan, and usually book at least one more session three weeks later to fine-tune client's progress. 


​Community  Partners

Local Treasure Valley animal shelters
​​West ValleyAnimal Shelter ​​

​Idaho Humane Society

Meridian Canine Rescue
Non-profit organization in Meridian, Idaho
Address: 501 E Scenery Ln Suite 100, Meridian, ID 83642
Hours: Open today · 12–7PM
Phone: (208) 794-0944

Reputable Dog Breeders
​in the Treasure Valley​​

​​contact: Idaho Capital City Kennel Club​​​​referrals

​Public Information Phone Line: 208 388-1514​


Mary Hunter, Dogs A’ Flying Dog Training
​208 938-2300

Paula McCollum, Precision K9

Professional dog trainer and search and rescue dog handler.​