treasure valley dog whisperer


Dog Whispering Sessions & Obedience

My goal is to coach dog owners to become calm and confident leaders  so that they build trust, respect, & balance for their dog. 

The Consultation

​​The consultation begins with a short discussion about dog psychology. After the talk, I address questions & determine what you want to accomplish. 

I then demonstrate basic boundary work such as waiting at the door, not jumping onto people until invited,and walking calmly on a leash.

The Lesson

This is when we really get to work.  Typically, I begin with the walk then  I coach you, and other family members, how to do what I demonstrated.

​After the walk, we will work on another ​​issues such as food aggression or crate anxiety or dominating other pets in the house. 

After the working part of the session, 

Keely Von Tracy, the Wonder Dog