About me

From Joby, a shaggy fellow of unknown origin, Beeker, sired by an English champion, each one of my dogs have contributed significantly to my emotional welfare. As a painfully inward child, the affection and unconditional loyalty each dog gave me, helped me find the confidence to come out of my shell and discover my natural dog-training skills. 

After 20 years of competitive obedience with my German Shepherds and West Highland White Terriers, -under some amazing coaches-I became intrigued with  the methods of various canine behaviorists.  I began to intertwine my methods with their methods, on my own dogs, then moved on to my friend's dogs. It was not long before people on the brink of giving up on their beloved pets started coming to me to save their dogs.

Though being recognized for great performance at a dog show feels fabulous, competition is not about the ribbons. It is about the bond of friendship that develops between dog and handler for a lifetime.

My Mission is "happy dogs for life."

Happy Clients

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Leap of Faith "Beeker" Companion Dog Excellent CDX