treasure valley dog whisperer

Hanna, CD

From Joby, a shaggy fellow of unknown origin, to Beeker, sired by an English champion, each one of my dogs have contributed significantly to my emotional welfare. As a painfully inward child, the affection and unconditional loyalty each dog gave me, helped me find the confidence to come out of my shell and discover my natural dog-training skills. 


Though being recognized for great performance at a dog show feels fabulous, competition is not about the ribbons. It is about the bond of friendship that develops between ​dog and handler for a lifetime.

Josh, my first titled AKC obedience dog

   King & Josh-Father & Son

Berkeley Hills 1968

Skyler, CDX 

Beeker CDX

Titan, my formally ferrel Teddy Roosevelt terrier taking a sun bath

Josh in the Berkeley Hills