My mission is to create harmony between people & their pets through understanding & positive reinforcement.​ 
My name is Beeker, C.D.X.  I am a West Highland White terrier. ​I like retrieving, walks, food, & belly rubs.

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Mikey was small but mighty the day Marsha came to tame his wildness. By the time Marsha left, we were walking him on a leash with no tension! We learned a lot that day.

Helen & Lily
Stacie & Scout
Marsha Tracy Owner & Canine Behavior Specialist

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015
Doug & Maggie
Marsha, your service has been awarded a Best of 2016 award due to your excellent customer reviews — that's two years in a row. Nice work! 
Kathy & her husband,
Rick have made exceptional progress towards becoming calm    & assertive pack leaders.

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​​First and foremost, a dog is a family member who depends upon it's leader (you) for it's food, water, exercise, discipline, grooming, and affection until the day, and often the way, it dies. Owning a dog is an awesome responsibility. And though most dog owners mean well, not every owner knows how to best meet their dog's needs. This ​can create psychological disturbances such as nervousness, anxiety, and dominance that can lead to unwanted behaviors such as destructive digging, out-of-control barking, biting, lunging at other dogs, and not walking calmly on a leash.                                       Sincerely,
           A Lab Rehab
​When I met Danny, he was terrified of the water. Four lessons later, he was a normal water-loving Lab. 
An afternoon in the Berkeley Hills 1968.

Jampa, a  two-year-      old Tibetan Mastiff

I've hired many dog trainers and veterinarians to help me, but Marsha's advice and help is the only one that has made all the difference in the world. Marsha is the ONLY person who I will call in the future. She is worth every penny! She is a miracle worker!!
​C.C. Boise

We rescued an extremely anxious West Highland West terrier from a puppy mill. His anxiety caused him to act like a crazed “beast” when passing, or even seeing, other dogs. But in just one lesson, we were calmly walking our dog near other dogs with no problem. We can’t thank Marsha enough!

New Behavior Dog Training
             Treasure Valley Dog Whisperer

Marsha is well experienced with handling all types of dogs and situations.  She gave us tools that we didn't know existed. I would recommend her 100%  Tina
Marsha not only helped Toby but she helped me to b a better leader. Marsha is kind, professional, punctual and now one of my very favorite people. Toby has show such a positive response to her training we have decided to continue with Marsha’s Training. Thank you, Marsha for adding amazing positive energy in our lives.